Friday, July 29, 2005

Curley Moore and the Kool Ones: Funky, Yeah/Shelley's Rubber Band (House of the Fox MH-1934)

What you now hold in your sweaty little palms is a stellar example of a 5-star instro 2-sider. You'll note the name Eddie Bocage credited as arranger and co-writer. You may know that name better as Eddie Bo, he of "Hook and Sling" fame. The "Shelley" of "Shelley's Rubber Band" is radio personality Shelley Pope, who also co-wrote and produced. Now, there is some dispute as to whether the Curley Moore is the same Curly Moore who recorded for Sansu or Eddie Bo performing under a pseudonym. I suggest you take a look at the Funky 16 Corners blog (see links) and for more detailed information. (Soulgeneration also has a massive Eddie Bo discography that's more than recommended.) But onto the record itself. "Shelley's Rubber Band" opens with a solid, steady beat and wah-wah guitar scratch as the announcer (Moore? Bo?) yells out "Are you ready?" This announcer will pop up a couple more times throughout the song, but the majority of it consists of bouncy, funky guitar groove and sweet swirls of organ. Then there's "Funky, Yeah" which is solid guitar raunch and jam. Over a barrage of slamming drums, we get a raw, funky guitar run that continues throughout, while the lead guitar player gets down with a swank solo. But watch out! The first guitar solo ends and then, the next solo erupts with a blast of psyched-out Hendrix-style fuzz. This fuzz solo gets even more intense and more righteous and before you know it, the record is over. All this intensity in only 2:30! And you're left going "Wow!" You've ever been left breathless before? Well, this is the definition of breathless. Even so, while my vote goes to "Funky, Yeah," the rest of you might go for "Shelley's Rubber Band" more. Either way, you win. This is definitely a 45 worth the effort it takes to hunt it down. You now have your mission before you.

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