Friday, July 29, 2005

The Yellow Payges: I'm A Man/Home Again (Uni 55255)

This was the last single for this prolific group who recorded for both Uni and Showplace. And what a way to end on a high note. Now, some of The Yellow Payges' singles haven't impressed me too much, but they do have sides worth seeking out like "Never See The Good In Me," "The Two of Us" and "We Got A Love In The Making." Add this 45 to their best, particulary for the "I'm A Man" side. "Home Again." is a very fine garage pop number with some Byrds-like harmonies and guitar work, so those of you who like softer sides would probably enjoy it. It's "I'm A Man" that shoots this up to the ranks of the mandatory. Once again, it's the Bo Diddley classic, but The Yellow Payges take their cues from the equally classic Yardbirds version. Theirs is equal in intensity to both the Yardbirds' and The Litter's versions. The differences are a bit more emphasis on heavier guitar and a different-styled rave-up in which the singer yells out "I love my baby" and the guitars go up and down the scale. The guitars are cranked up loud, the harmonica wails throughout and the drums start out wild and stay that way. In short, this is as raucous a version as the very best of 'em and I highly recommend you seek it out.

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