Friday, July 15, 2005

Freddy Koenig with the Jades: Road Runner/I Know You (Lori No. 9544)

I can't say I know much about this outfit, and the Google search I did only amounted to a bunch of catalog lists. But what an unusual sound they had, judging from this little item. "I Know You" is the standard ballad, not much to shout about. It's their Bo Diddley cover that stands out. But be warned, there's not much noticable guitar in this, so if you're expecting that, forget it. The key instruments are rapid-fire horns and rollicking piano. But they go full-throttle here and make a frantic racket for the whole 2:02 length of the song. They may sound to you like the lounge band at your grandma's 50th anniversary party, but at least here, they stomp out like there ain't no tomorrow. And I like how they use the trombone to imitate the sound of an engine revving up. They sound like they downed a couple of kegs before laying this down, so why don't you do likewise and join the party?


b said...

What a great site!
I have been trying to find info on Freddy Koenig for years!

Brian Marshall said...

When you find some, would you let me know, too?

Neil said...

I've lost track of them since I played with them for 6 months in the '60's and recorded some sessions with them, & The Triumphs of Rosenberg, at Gold Star Studios (Now Sugar Hill Studios) in Houston.
They were a great bunch of Musicians. Their Recordings don't really do them justice. They had a GREAT live sound. B.J. Thomas sang with them for awhile, as did Lynn Snyder (from the Original Jokers of Palacious.)

Neil Phillips

Freddy Koenig said...

Hi, I'm Freddy Koenig. Freddy Koenig and the Jades have a new CD released March 2010. It is found at
I you can actually hear a couple tunes there.

Freddy Koenig said...

Freddy Koenig and the Jades have a new CD that can be purchased at