Friday, July 15, 2005

The Soul-Men: Road House/Sister Sue (Lola 105)

GADZOOKS! Here we have another instro two-sider with smokin' guitar! Can life be any sweeter? Well, this was given to me as a freebie by a dear collector friend of mine and while it ain't in the best of shape, the grooves still smoke righteously! Friends, I love 'em! Anyway, "Road House" has got more of a "Stroll"-like tempo, but it's dominated completely by hot guitar playing.....all 1:54 minutes of it! Then, we flip the disc over to "Sister Sue" which has a more straightforward tempo in which the main instrument is electric piano. But watch out because we are treated to not 1 but 2 sizzlin' guitar workouts before the whole thing speeds up and fades out into oblivion! Of such two-sided gems are the joys of record collecting made, yessirreee!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I agree to your description of the music. Are there further information about the label Lola and the group? Is the author of Sister Sue famous Harry Nilsson group-member? What was the releasing date? Thank you and greetis from Germany: Andi