Thursday, July 21, 2005

Jimmie Haskell & Orchestra: Rockin' in the Orbit (Space Satellite)/Astrosonic (Imperial X5840)

Jimmie Haskell has been and continues to be one of the most sought-after composers and arrangers in the music business, having worked with nearly everyone from Chicago to Blondie. He's also done a wealth of film score work also. Now once again, we must turn back the clock to the times when he was at Imperial arranging sessions for Ricky Nelson. During that time, Haskell recorded an album called "Count Down" which is coveted by fans of space age pop. This single was probably taken from that album, as we have two sides of period rock 'n' roll interspersed with space noises and electronic sound effects.
"Rockin'" has a bit a slower tempo with a sax riff that sounds almost like moanin', while "Astrosonic" is much faster. On both of these cuts, the band really smokes and the jams are both hot enough to cause nuclear meltdown. This was an instant fave when I first heard it a few years back and it continues to grow on me. Now, I guess I'll have to look for the album, too. *sigh* A record collector's work is never done.

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