Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lee "The Big Masher" Lilly - Big Masher

Here's a real oddball record. I can't find much of anything about it on the net. There are a couple of listings for the record and one site has it as a 1962 release but I can't verify that. That seems about right though. I don't know anything about the Alcor label either.

But it's not just oddball for its relative obscurity. The music itself is fairly novel, as well. In fact, the flipside of this "Scary Movies" is pretty much pure novelty. "Big Masher" isn't exactly heavy listening but that's no prerequisite around here.

"Big Masher" is a mid-tempo r&b groove, with The Big Masher's (who else?) spoken lyrics sprinkled on top. He starts, "Like oh baby, here I am, The Big Masher", a la Mr. J.P. Richardson. He then encourages everyone to grab a chick and get in there and mash. "Mash those potatoes, grind that corn", he says. Next, he calls out each instrument, one by one, "Dig that horn", "Listen to those skins", "Come in on that guitar". There's also a piano in the mix but maybe The Masher was pissed that day at the guy playing it because it gets no mention. He gets back to the dance lingo and so it goes for the 2:16 duration.

I don't think any further explanation is necessary.

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Anonymous said...

I had the original 45 by Lee "The Big Masher' up until about 10 years ago. It was a hit out in the early 60's. How we got it-I don't remember. Anyhow, I thought the flip side was 'Spooky Movies' and we loved it as kids.

I can still recall some of the lyrics!

Saturday night-go to the show, sit right down in second row, feast your eys upon the screen, the next thing you know everbody screams ahhhhhh! Spooky movies spooky movies.

Then the lyrics go on...bring my love a so close to me, spooky movies spooky movies.

I would love to have a copy of it again.