Thursday, July 21, 2005

C.C. Neal: O.J. (A Tribute To O.J. Simpson)/All I Want From You Is Your Love (Soul Craft 107)

It's a little hard to believe that 11 years ago, the world was awaiting the O.J. verdict. Okay, you have in your mind the bronco chase, the gloves, Judge Ito and Johnnie Cochran. Well, flash back 20 years from that time to a more innocent age of gas shortages, Nixon's resignation and Wacky Packages bubblegum packs. That was the time when O.J. was a king of the football field and that's when this record was made. Now, we have a typically smooth piece of 70s soul-pop called "All I Want From You Is Your Love" on the flip side, which may or may not float your ship. But the reason (for me anyway) this record has any interest at all is the glowing tribute that's given the future fugitive. The record opens with typical 70s wah-wah funk guitar scratching over a beat we'd all come to know as disco. Then the girlie chorus comes in with a chant of "O.J's on the run!" Finally the instruments all kick in and Mr. Neal sings the praises of O.J.: "Some people call him the juice. He can sure get loose! Oooooooooooooooo J!" And on it goes until we get back to the girlie chorus singing "O.J.'s on the run! Juice is on the loose!" while Mr. Neal goes "He's the greatest of them all!" You can only imagine some joker playing this record, particularly during the "O.J.'s on the run" portions to footage of the bronco being chased down the L.A. freeway in slow-mo by the L.A.P.D. It's strange how the passage of time can turn tribute into irony, but that's pretty much what's happened here.

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Melinda Neal said...

Hello glad ur enjoying this song! My husband CC Neal is the writer and singer of this awesome 45!