Friday, July 08, 2005

Little Ike: She Can Rock/Am I Losing You (Champion 1011)

I love records like this! This is what you might call a black screamer! But first, let's get to the ballad side, "Am I Losing You" which sounds like the band was a bit tired and drunk. I don't care for ballads anyway, but they can't all be two siders, can they? "She Can Rock" is the side that matters here. The band works up a full swinging frenzy and Little Ike shouts and sputters all over the grooves. He tries to scream like Little Richard, but can't quite reach the octaves, but he don't care, he's gonna do it any freakin' way. So, what we end up with is two glorious, smokin' minutes of black rocker screech and pound! OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Little Ike is Issac Hamilton and he co-wrote "She Can Rock." It was released in 1959 on Nashville's Champion label and was his only known record. I just thought I'd add that.


Todd Lucas said...

Brian, glad to see you're off to a running start.

Todd Lucas said...

I was able to hear a piece of this one at Yeeesh, what a raver. Great stuff.