Friday, July 08, 2005

The Musicasters - Oh Carol

One of the great things about digging for records is occasionally finding the complete mystery disc. Case in point, Exhibit A above. This is a record I found at a local junk shop. The lack of info and the plain jane label had me curious. But I have to admit that I almost passed on this record because I was afraid it was a remake of the Neil Sedaka tune and a rather beat up one at that. I was buying a few more records anyway, so I threw this one on the pile.

It turns out this isn't the Sedaka song at all but rather the Chuck Berry classic. And it's a pretty garagey and amateurish version to boot. Someone who knows about such things, helped me identify this as a 1965 pressing via the deadwax info. That's not a big surprise because "Oh Carol" has an early garage sound. In fact, it sounds like it could have been a year or two earlier. Overall, the rendition itself is fairly standard stuff but there is a cool guitar break, something that's rescued many an otherwise mediocre song. Overall, it rates a keeper in my book.

Now, back to the mystery. Nobody seems to know who The Musicasters were. There's nothing at all about this record on the net. Judging from the nondescript label that bears the same name as the band, perhaps this was a custom pressing, something that was fairly common among garage bands. It seems the odds are long but I'd like to know more. Does anyone else know anything about this band and its record?

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