Friday, July 22, 2005

The Outsiders: I'm Not Trying To Hurt You (Capitol 5843) The Outsiders: What Makes You So Bad You Weren't Brought Up That Way (Capitol 5646)

I'd like to echo Mr. Lucas' previous words about The Outsiders a few posts ago regarding "Time Won't Let Me" and I'd also like to share his sentiments about "And Now You Want My Sympathy," truly a great garage punker if ever there was one. Having done that, I'd like to present two more examples of The Outsiders' more garage punk side, both of them B-sides. "I'm Not Trying..." is the B-side to "I'll Give You Time (To Think It Over), which is in the more typical horn rock style of "Time Won't Let Me." "I'm Not Trying," however, is a fast-paced garage popper. While there's no fuzz or anything like that, there's no horns either and it's got great hooks and Sonny Geraci's tougher-than-usual vocals to pull it off.. "What Makes You, etc." graces the B-side of the weepy ballad "Girl In Love," some string-laden slop about a chick crying on her wedding night because her boyfriend's off somewhere. A quick spin of the almighty B will make you forget that instantly. Now we're talking! This one's got it all: crashing guitars laced with doses of fuzz and a snottier attitude than usual from these guys. The singer even threatens to kick the girl in the head! YOW! Need it be said that "What Makes You" is the true winner here? Well, "I'm Not Trying" isn't far behind either, so you got two great tracks to choose from. Me say you can't go wrong.

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