Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Real Don Steele: Tina Delgado Is Alive/Hole In My Soul (Cameo C-399)

Ever the hipster, The Real Don Steele

Everybody who knows and loves radio of the 60s knows that The Real Don Steele held court in L.A. at KHJ starting midway through the decade. In between all that, he had time to wax this odd novelty item for Cameo. Strangely enough, he's barely there on the A-side, only to yell out his catchphrase "Tina Delgado Is Alive! Alive" twice within the first 30 seconds, while the studio band rips into a guitar/horn extraviganza complete with fuzztone and smashing drums. Steele's given a lot more to do on "Hole," in which he spends half of the record rapping about people who don't have any soul, but then it turns out he's talking about some chick who lost her shoe. Then the uncredited chick takes over the vocals, saying things like "Baby, baby, baby, tell me what, tell me what, tell me what can I do?" Even Don tries to get into the act toward the end when he tries to sing "Shoo-be-doo-be-doo-be" or something like that and it's obvious why he's not remembered for singing. File this one under strange, but worth a few spins for those who are terminally curious.

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