Friday, July 22, 2005

Ricky and the Lexingtons: Walking the Dog Shotgun/Have A Heart (Satellite 5874)

Here we have yet another example of a soul medley, but this one comes more from the garage punk side of things. Once again, Rufus Thomas is called upon here but this time he shares space with Jr. Walker, hence the title. Soundwise, this medley's characterized by real loud, crunchy guitar funk done white boy style (if you get my drift), howling organ and crashing drums. That same racket is dished out on the B-side as well, with a heartwarming tale of a boy pleading with his girl to have a heart but eventually deciding to leave when he sees that she ain't worth the trouble. Ahh, the things those 60s teenagers went through. So, is this worth seeking out? I say a big fat "YEAHHH!!!" But if there's any info about this band anywhere, I'd sure appreciate a holler or two. After all, I'm not only here to inform; I'm hear to learn, too.

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