Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Running Jumping Standing Still: Diddy Wah Diddy/My Girl (Sunshine QK-1717 Australian release)

I only have a small handful of foreign releases in my collection at this point, but here's one to treasure. Well, okay, the "My Girl" cover ain't much to shout about unless you can picture Keith Relf and The Yardbirds stumbling through it on a bad day. That is, if you'd actually WANT to picture that. But HOLD ON! The "Diddy Wah Diddy" cover is a different animal altogether, as sizzling a slice of Aussie freakbeat as you can possibly hear. Now, you may have in mind the cover by Captain Beefhart and His Magic Band. Well, the Running Jumping Standing Still's version is similar, yet every bit as equal, thanks to some stunning dirty guitar work and growling vocals. The word "killer" is overused, but it works just fine here. Roughly from 1966 or so and worth the effort to track down. (I know it's comped on some freakbeat comp, but I don't remember which one.)

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