Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Talismen: Casting My Spell/Masters Of War (American Arts AA-22)

I've read that Jimmy Page played guitar on this, but that leads me to question that if this is a British group, how the hell did they end up on a label called American Arts? Ah well, stranger things have happened. (American Artists, it turns out, was a subsidiary of World Artists, home for a time to Chad and Jeremy.)
What matters, though, is that this is a pretty good 'un. "Masters," is the Bob Dylan song given the garage-beat treatment and cutting off after the third verse or so, but managing to squeeze in a harmonica solo. The better side is "Castin'," another cover, this time of the great Johnny Otis Show classic. Pounding Diddley-style drums, snappy harmonies and sharp guitar help to put this one over. And in 1 minute and 37 seconds, it's all wrapped up in a neat little beat package.

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Dave said...

Yes, they are a British band. Not sure how they got on a US label (this has stumped how an unknown UK group could get a release only in the states). I know that several US-only 45s for UK 60s groups were released, including the Moments 45 that featured Steve Marriott, "You Really Got Me / Money, Money" on World Artists.