Thursday, August 04, 2005

Carmel Covered Popcorn: Suzie Q/Looking for a Place (Vistone 2055)

Here we have a heavy rock version of the Dale Hawkins classic that either predates Credence Clearwater Revival's version or came out around the same time. Whatever the case, it takes its cues from the "HEA-VEE, MANNNN" vibes of the period. Which is not to say it doesn't rock. In fact, it's a solid rendition which chugs along at the pace of a thoroughbred during the Kentucky Derby, with lots of waka-waka guitar and frantic drums. Icing on the cake is provided by a really cool fuzz guitar solo and rave-up midway through. Then, the band stops and goes on a detour with this bridge:

Down in Mexico
Is my little Suzie
She ain't no floozie
My Suzie Q

before getting back on track up to the revved-up conclusion. You have to kind of wonder why they decided to do that because it feels like sucn an odd break after all the energy they've invested in the first half. Still pretty cool in my book, though.

Oh yeah, the B-side. It's pretty typical hippie-dippy stuff, nothing too special. Nothing to warrant a second play, anyhow. Then again, you may like it better than I did, but it definitely doesn't have the same energy. And I like my rock 'n' roll with energy. That's just the way it is, pops.

This was, I believe, this California group's only single.

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