Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yesterday's Obsession: The Phycle/Complicated Mind (Pacemaker PM-262)

First of all, just what is a phycle? I looked up the word in two online dictionaries and neither had it. Thus, whatever a phycle is remains a mystery, but this Texas group must've known because that's the title of the A-side of their sole single. And if you're thinking psychedelic, you are indeed right. Over a steady 4/4 beat comes a layer of grumbling guitars and lots of spacey-sounding organ, as the singer intones some kind of story of thousand-year peace, time & space, lost love, returns from the dead and what-have-you. The band turns up the juice on three different breaks, even having time for a fuzz guitar solo before always going back to the somber spaciness of the song. It's weird, yes, but me like. "Complicated Mind" loses the organ and adds tambourine and maracas to its mix, while maintaining the same low-key guitar and vocals of the previous side. How much you like this depends on your matter of taste, of course, but I can't help but wonder if a song like "The Phycle" could've laid the groundwork for a band like Hawkwind. For some reason, I listen to it and I'm reminded of those British space-age prog rockers of the 70s. Take from that what you will. Or don't.

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