Friday, August 19, 2005

The Charles: Motorcycle (Calliope 138)

It's real hard to imagine something like this, The Charles' only single, ever becoming a hit, especially in 1966 when it was originally released. Why? Well, it tells the story about the escapades of a rather violent biker. Here's just a sample from the lyrics:

I killed a man,
Right where I stand,
It was a nasty scene.

From where I said,
I smashed his head,
My getaway was clean.

Then later, it's "boots and whips/old lady flips/ballin' in the sack." See what I mean? I mean, the times they may have been a-changin', but there were still a lot of squares in charge back then, if you get my drift.

Whatever the outcome, "Motorcycle" is still an ace cut. With a pounding beat, throbbing keyboards and killer guitar solos, it's bound to scorch your brain a bit should you get too close. And it was certainly out there enough to be comped on "Scum of the Earth, Volume 1." That right there ought to tell you something.

So, find this record and return to the days of old when bikers terrified the land and one wrong move in front of the Hell's Angels could get you into serious trouble. Just like now, come to think of it.

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keaneyes said...

I've been trying to find info on this record ever since I first heard Scum Of The Earth.
Thank you!