Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Golden Toadstools - Silly Savage

Here's a record that gets several mentions around the net, on sale lists, playlists and with the occasional narrative. It looks though that next to nothing is known about the Golden Toadstools. It seems consensus that this record was their only release. Other bits and pieces list them as New York based and as a bunch of white guys playing on this funky release. Not that any of that really matters too much.

All that counts is that "Silly Savage" is a pretty tremendous record. It has snappy drumming, generous amounts of organ and some really funky guitar. Calling it uptempo hardly does it justice. It's fast, fast, fast! Outside of hoots, hollers, cat calls and the occasional whistle by the band members, the only lyrics are when the music stops for profundities like,

"Chuck Berry, strawberry, cranberry and dingleberry, baby!"

And, a bit later,

"Possum pie, tater pie, moon pie and pot pie"

Heavy, heavy, stuff! The next time through, there aren't any lyrics. Instead, we're treated to still more organ, followed by those snappy drums and then the funky guitar cuts loose and goes a mile a minute. Just try and keep up! Pretty soon, we return to the poetry reading,

"James Brown, big around, on the ground with raw sound boys!"

Or at least that what it sounds like to me. After a bit more instrumental workout, the song ends with the words, "You silly savage!" Yes indeed.

My copy of the record is promotional, with "Silly Savage" on both sides, so I can't comment on whatever was on the flip. Odds are though, I'm better off having both sides of this one to wear out.


Brian Marshall said...

Todd, I do have a stock copy of this record and you are indeed right. You are better off with your promo. The flip is something called "Weeping River." I think that's the title anyway, but whatever it's called, it sucks.

Dave said...

Great tune. I have the white-label demo as well. Thanks for the comment Brian. Glad to hear I'm not missing out.