Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Emil Spak with the Encores: Hold Up/Stuck Up (WGW No. 3004)

This one is one of my fave finds of the year so far, because of "Hold Up." "Hold Up" is a four-barreled, fuel-injected, rockin' instrumental that doesn't just hit the pedal to the floor, it slams it! It opens with a machine-gun drum beat and then that sweet, twangy guitar comes in and takes the place over for 2:05 glorious minutes. This one would be ideal for your next cruising-down-the-highway mix tape, as you could almost picture it as the soundtrack to a moonshine run on dirty backroads. The B-side is pretty cool, too; a fast-paced vocal rocker about a snooty chick (hence the title). But nothing tops that A-side. From 1960.

Info on this cat is next to nada, although Spak IS listed in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, and his son, Davie, is now making music on his own. That's it.

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