Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ronnie & The Del-Aires - Drag

A nifty little rocker, circa 1964 here. It's from The Horror of Party Beach, a movie you're not likely to see a whole lot of good written about (could be a plus). I haven't seen the whole thing but do recall the MST3K guys airing it. I seem to remember them taking a couple of shots at The Del-Aires but don't you believe it. This is primo, teen rock and roll.

"Drag" kicks off with, what else, the sound of a dragster revving its engine and peeling out. There are four chants of "Drag!" and the song proceeds with a couple of verses about racing and fast cars. For example verse two,

"Burning up the road, everything is fine
Racing like the devil to the finish line
Foot's on the throttle and it's made of lead
Temperature gauge is readin' red
Gotta win the race, gotta get ahead
Come on and drag, drag, drag, drag"

Then, there's an all too cool guitar break, a third verse and it's all over, as if they're running the quarter mile in record time. The whole thing clock's in at 1:36 and feels like it too. And ya gotta love those pounding drums at the end of each verse.

Make fun of the movie if you must. Just don't laugh at my boys here.


Anonymous said...

I just had a nice long chat with John Becker, the drummer of DelAires. He's got some cool stories to tell and sadly some tragic. A true gentleman with a good heart. He jams with my band every once in a while.

-Ray from NJ

Titan said...

i love to.meet John .there so full of history. god those guys legends. tell him.i can tell what fast drummer. i love ttttttttt that pipe line sound. fast . he was great..