Monday, August 01, 2005

Jan and the Torquays: Bonie-Moronie/Rompin' (Whirl NBOW-6967)

Here we have an inept, crude, ultra-obscurity. There were a lot of bands that had the name The Torquays, including one who recorded "Harmonica Man" for Original Sound" and another who changed their name to The Monks in Germany. I don't know anything at all about these Torquays, but from the sound of this record, it appears they hadn't been playing their instruments that long. "Bonie-Moronie" is, of course, the Larry Williams tune, but this time it's done at a medium pace with a singer that can barely stay on the key and guitar and drum playing with a very strong "just-learned-to-play-before-we-went-into-the-studio" type of quality. That amateurish quality truly manifests itself on "Rompin'" in which the guitar players strum incessantly on the only three or four chords they know while the drummer playing the only beats he knows from marching band practice. Yeah, they try to sound tough, but it's more than obvious that their playing skills are rudimentary. One wonders if this was just something the band members gave away to their prom dates or if there really was a guy operating a label out of his briefcase that thought these guys would make it. So, does it sound like I think this record is worthless? How unhip you are. It's records like this that make record collecting all the more fun. After all, you don't run into something this charmingly amateurish every day. File this under the "I-don't-know-where-this-came-from-but-I-like-it" category.....if you even have a category like that.

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