Monday, August 01, 2005

Speed Limit: Speed/You're Too Young To Know (Hyperbolic 108)

It's fuzz time again, baby! And I mean heavy fuzz! The kind of fuzz that slams you down and keeps on slammin'! But first, we need to get past the A side, "You're Too Young To Know" which is pretty much lame hippy-dippy protest rock stuff. "Speed" is the side you want. While it starts out on a somewhat normal guitar-organ instrumental groove, watch out when the fuzz gets turned on! The guitar play pounds down on that fuzz so hard that he practically drowns out the drums and the keyboards can only be heard in spurts, so they just go out-and-out wild. There's a brief cool-down period before the fuzz-packed finale, which ends this side on an explosive note. This group is just one of many who slipped through the passage of time, as there's no info that I can find on them. But that's okay: "Speed" is such a smokin' gem that I may not want to know more about them....certainly not after the mediocre A-side. Bottom line: if you find this, stick with "Speed." That's my advice.

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