Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Mad Men - Do The African Twist (Part 1)/(Part 2)

Figured it was time for something really good and funky. And whoo, does this ever fit the bill! "Do the African Twist" is an uptempo shouter, with some really cool guitar work.

The singer starts out tellin' us he wanted to Boogaloo or do the Funky Broadway but now he's gonna show us the African Twist, cause it's easy to do! His voice is laid down over a funky, funky beat and he lets out a piercing scream that'd make James Brown blush. What a hot record! It's over within a couple of minutes but, over on part 2, the proceedings continue. This time, we're treated to a mostly instrumental affair, with some wailing sax. Mere words don't do this record justice.

Info on this record is fairly scant. It looks to be from 1967 or '68. The Gamble label had some big hits but somehow this one got lost in the shuffle. Do yourself a favor though and track down a copy.


Larry Grogan said...

GREAT record! One of my faves on the "old" Gamble label. An underrated classic.

Todd Lucas said...

Glad that you like it, Larry. I was trying to find a record to write about yesterday and threw this one on. I'd forgotten how great it is.