Monday, August 15, 2005

The Sindicate: Hangman (The Music Box NR-3816)

This somber little piece tells the tale of a man found guilty of shooting a man without a trial. He escapes. "Two years on the run can turn a man bad and make him believe in Hell," the singer intones. Now, this might sound like some kind of Lorne Green spoken-word western thingy, but it's not. It's actually got more of a teener garage groove going for it. There's no fuzz or anything, but there's a pretty good strong fast beat to propel it along, plus some decent farfisa and guitar. It closes in waltz-time with a two-note riff where the group tries to sound spooky. This comes from Pennsylvania, and from the sound of it, seems like it came out either '67 or '68. It's also one of my most recent eBay finds and it set me back quite a bit of cabbage. Why, I don't know. I mean, it's a good record, but not a killer one. When will I ever learn?

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