Friday, September 09, 2005

Peter Roberts and Sid Ramin: The Ho-Ho Rock and Roll (Thunderbird 45-1956)

And once again we venture into outer space for a record that couldn't possibly have come from this earth. Or could it? Whatever the case, you'd have to admit it's out there. Way out there.

Notice that the A-side is a cover of the theme song from "Around The World In 80 Days" with "Orchestra Conducted By Sid Ramin." Well, I've never ventured anywhere near that side and I'm pretty sure most who've encountered this record have decided to skip Squaresville altogether. (But then, I could be wrong. There may be brave souls among us, but I'm not one of them.) Then, flip the record over and notice the credit reads "Orchestra BEAT UP By Sid Ramin." I think you now know which side points straight to the land of Dementia.

How do I describe this thing? Well, it opens with this weird laugh that goes a little like this:

"Oh no, ha, ha, ha, oh no, ha, ha, ha, oh no, oh my."

You'll hear variations of this throughout, as the band kicks in with a surreal bit of beatnick jazz highlighted by a rockin' guitar solo. What you'll also notice is that the laugh tracks get punctuated by studio echo and the echo increases with each laugh track, so that by the finish, the thing's so far gone you'll probably think you're gone with it.

Not surprisingly, this track can be found on both the "Las Vegas Grind" and "Wavy Gravy" series of comps. Should you decide to pursue it, you might want to have a straitjacket handy first.

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