Friday, September 09, 2005

The Bad Seed: Zilch Parts 1 and 2 (J-Beck J-1003)

To Corpus Christi, Texas, we now go for this killer surf instro 'n' roll obscurity. I got it from eBay (mmm-hmm) a couple of years ago from the collection of Cub Koda, so if anyone knew something about it, that man must've. It's also become one of my faves, too. And you get two different flavors to choose from.

Actually, both sides sound about the same, the difference being in the way the word "Zilch" is presented. On Part 1, it's shouted out "ZILCH!" and there's a bit more hollering on the track. On Part 2, it's blurted out "Zilch, who?" followed at one point by a "One more time now" call.

Other than that, this one's got it all: amazing guitar work, pounding bass and a beat set to go all the way to Mars! Maybe that's all I really do need to know about, but band info if anyone has it is always welcome and appreciated. In the meantime, while you're out searching your data files (I hope you are anyway), I'll just go pop open a cold one and blast this one more time again. It's the least I can do.

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Jim Colegrove said...

I have their previous single on the same label, "I'm a King Bee" / "A Taste of the Same" on J-Beck J-1002. Nice to know where they were from.