Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tender Joe Richardson - Hip Huggin' Mini/I Ain't Going For That

Finding info about Tender Joe Richardson on the ol' net proves to be quite a challenge. One tidbit I did find is that he played guitar for the Shirelles back in the early 1960's. This record dates from a few years later, circa late 1967 or early '68. The Hot Biscuit Disc Company sounds like a fancy label but it's really an offshoot of Capitol Records.

"Hip Huggin' Mini" is a soul dancer about a girl of the same name. Tender Joe says she looks so fine in her short, tight mini-skirt. He watches her do the Shing-A-Ling and the Funky Funky Broadway, which he quickly amends to the Filthy Filthy Broadway. Perhaps he has something other than dancing on his mind? The song has horns, drums and guitar and does its job well, as I'm sure it's filled a lot of dance floors over the years.

Over on the flipside, "I Ain't Going For That" doesn't disappoint. If anything, it has an even stronger beat and adds a piano, plus a cool guitar bridge, perhaps played by Tender Joe himself. His vocals are just fine on both sides, with a bit more snarl over here, as he tries to set his woman straight about who's to blame for their faltering relationship. And you can certainly dance to it too. A winner all the way around.


Brian Marshall said...

Sunny and the Sunlighters also do a version of "Hip Huggin' Mini."

Russellkeef said...

Perth, Australia group "Soul Purpose" also covered this - probably at the request of Festival producer Pat Aulton who spent months at a time in the US scouring label catalogue for potential hits - he would return with a trunk of 45s to play to artists and producers.