Monday, October 17, 2005

The Lincolns - We Got Some/Pop Kat

The Lincolns were a Washington state band that released about half-a-dozen singles from 1966-69. This looks to be their second 45, from 1966. I found it for a quarter at a big garage sale earlier this year. And while my copy has seen better days, the music still comes through loud and clear.

Here we get, not one but two cool garage rockers. "We Got Some" is an up-tempo, organ driven groover, with the guys singing about having something good going. There's really not much more to it than that and I can imagine it got a few people up and dancing at live shows. "Pop Kat" is a dancer of a different stripe. Here we get a big drumbeat and the guitars are more in the fore. It's definitely something for the go-go club, complete with some cage dancing.

I haven't made an official survey but "We Got Some" seems to be a bit better liked by the garage brigade, perhaps because that organ creates a bit of a moody feel. Personally, I dig "Pop Kat" a bit better for its pounding beat and great teen sound. Either way, you won't go wrong.


guapo said...

my vote- pop kat!

Brian Marshall said...

Mine, too, though both sides are good.

Anonymous said...

I think Pop Kat is genius.