Sunday, October 16, 2005

The String Kings: Bloodshot/The Bash (Gaity GA 144)

This 1959 recording is from a Minnesota group that I was told were the Trashmen before the days of "Surfin' Bird." I could not find this record in their discography, so until someone confirms it for me, I'll have to say I don't know for sure. But I will say this: this one's a bonafide, 2-sided smoker with two killer sides!

Let's start off with "The Bash," the instrumental side. It begins with a "Peter Gunn"-like bass line before crude drumming and smokin' guitar combine to give you three-minutes of pure rockin' instro bliss! Then, the guitar fades off into the abyss and it's all over.

But not quite! "Bloodshot's" got a haunting tale of a man going to his kitchen to get himself a drink and seeing "those bloodshot eyes starin' at me. This one's got more of that smokin' guitar, plus a faster rhythm and beer-soaked vocals to put the thing across.

What else do I need to tell you? You NEED to hear this one. You can no doubt hear it on Norton's compilation "Bloodshot: The Gaity Records Story Vols. 1 and 2." Original copies of this are said to book between $300 and $500. (I got mine for $40.) And I believe there are a few repressings floating around. But however you get a hold of it, GET IT! HEAR IT! AND PLAY IT LOUD, MAN, LOUD! GO! GO! GO!


Jane said...

This is my dad's and Uncle's band. Larry Arsenal is my father. He's still with us!

Anonymous said...

This band was never called the Trashmen...always String Kings. I am Larry Arsenal's wife so, you can take it from me.