Friday, December 02, 2005

G.L. Crockett: Watch My 32 (4 Brothers 4B 440)

Todd weighed in with his G.L. Crockett 45, so now I'll weigh in with mine. This was one of three singles Crockett recorded for 4 Brothers in 1965-66 and it was released right after "It's A Man Down There." The original A-side, "Every Good-Bye Ain't Gone," is a more bluesy cut along the lines of "Man." But the B's got all the pumped-up action you need and so it's where we'll focus on this entry.

This one's a funky little number in the vein of Jr' Walker's "Shotgun" and The Sharpees' "Do the 45." In fact, G.L. mentions them both in the first verse:

Here come the Sharpees with their 45,
They didn't know G.L. is still alive,
Jr. Walker shot his shotgun, too,
But here comes ol' G.L. with his 32.
32, yeah, watch my 32.

The song goes on with lyrics like that for the duration as the band fires up the funky guitar and thumpin' bass and throws on a wailin' sax all the way through. Also throughout, G.L. croons and swoons, with his gun in his hand, he's comin' out shootin' like a natural born man. And there ya go from black rockabilly to lowdown funk in one shot. G.L wouldn't be around too much longer after this. He died in 1966. (See Todd's entry for more info.)

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