Friday, December 02, 2005

The Others: Oh Yeah! (Fontana S-1944)

Yes, this is the very same "Oh Yeah!" that the Shadows of Knight had a minor hit with (you know, the one written and recorded by Bo Diddley originally) and yes, this is pretty much a by-the-book version. But it's pretty great on its own, too. In fact, I like it somewhat better than the Shadows' version (and I LOVE the Shadows of Knight).

There seemed to be a lot of groups all with the same monicker back in the 60s. To illustrate, this group should not be confused with The Others of "Revenge" fame. Nor should they be mixed up with various Others combos at the same time. This bunch came out of England and this was their only single, as far as I know.

We won't concern outselves with "I'm Taking Her Home," the B-side. It's fairly okay beat pop, but nothing special. As expected, "Oh Yeah!" is where the action is. It's got the requisite snotty vocals and it's got the rave-up sections that you expect it to have, except that the rave-ups are noticably louder! That's right, you get two brief, but loud rave-ups for the admission price, plus some swell harmonica added to toughen it up a bit further.

So there ya go. It's a version worth seeking out if you've got a sweet tooth for freakbeat.

NOTE: I know this is comped somewhere, but I forget where at the moment.

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