Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Lone Twister: "The Lone Twister" (Atlantic)

When the twist was all the rage in the early sixties, lots of folks tried their own hand at getting a slice of the twist pie. Here's a record that goes into it a little further. It's a Doc Pomus-Mort Schuman composition all about some macho guy who only dances the twist. I'm not sure, but I think the Lone Twister was actually a relatively well-known DJ of the period. At any rate, we'll let him explain himself:

Everybody's dancin'
and cheek-to-cheek romancin'
Aww, but that ain't my groove
'Cause I dig music that makes me wanna move!

Right on, there, Mr. Twister. He goes on with some more lingo like "Make my hair stand, man! Make my teeth click, chick!" None of that slow stuff for him. "No hand holdin' sister! Not when you dance with the Lone Twister!" ("Gettin' dizzy? Ha-ha, that's what I like!") He raps all this over a background of guitar, congas and drums that pound out the twistin' rhythms he no doubt loves so well.

Appropriately enough, the flip is called "Twistin' Up A Storm" and it's a frantic number in its own right, but it isn't as inspired as "Lone Twister." For one thing, the DJ tries to sing and comes off as average. For another, it's another of those songs that rhapsodize on how easy it is to twist and everybody's doin' it and so forth. The self-titled A-side is the one to stick with for moments of great lines and macho swagger. So, round and round and round and round we go!

My favorite line: "I don't dig that slow jive, cause I want music that makes me feel alive!" Such an attitude endears it greatly to "It's Great Shakes."


Todd Lucas said...

Brian, I recently saw this one on eBay and wondered if it was any good. Glad to see it earns the It's Great Shakes seal of approval.

Brian Marshall said...

It certainly gets mine!

keaneyes said...

A great, great record!
I am sure I read somewhere that the vocalist (if you can call the deep monotone rant "vocalising") was Doc Pomus. If I can find where I saw the info, I'll post it.

On a side note, I'd love to see a list of records where DJs are doing the vocals. there's obvious ones like "Chantilly Lace" and "The Trip" but there's so many more.

I've often wondered if "Lord Sundance Pts. 1 & 2" by Lord Sndance is one of these.


keaneyes said...

The Lone Twister is Murray The K!

Anonymous said...

I love this song and i think it must have influenced the Time Warp in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.