Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Two quickies to start off the new year!

Hello, and happy 2006! Well, since Todd weighed in with his first entry of the year, now it's time for mine. . So, here's Post #251!

The X-Cellents: Little Wooden House/Hang It Up! (Sure Play)

Here we have yet another example of a name used by more than one group. For instance, I also have a soul record by another batch of X-Cellents on the Smash label called "Hey Little Willie." This batch of X-Cellents come straight outta the drunken frat party! "Little Wooden House" is a garage rocker par excellence in which the group lays down a snotty groove. As farfisa organ and guitar take control the singer raps something about he's got a job and he built this wooden house but his girl doesn't appreciate him. "Whoah baby, whoah baby, na na na na na na na na na na!" There's a cool organ solo midway through. Then flip it over for "Hang It Up!," a farfisa-driven instrumental perfect for your next kegger. You can hear it on the Arf! Arf! CD compilation "Party! Party! Party!"

The Contours: Move Mr. Man (Gordy)

Beyond the B-side of the classic "Do You Love Me" (a classic so great even "Dirty Dancing" couldn't ruin it), lies this mover and shaker. So, the next time you see an original of "Do You Love Me" at your favorite oldies bin, snag it safe in the knowledge that you are getting a great 2-sider. Anyway, while the boys are singing a bunch of "Shoo-be-doo-be-doo-do-ahhs," our singer is wanting to get next to his sweetie, but every time he does, she says "Move, Mr. Man 'cause you don't know what to do." Rats! The groove is further intensified by a steady drum beat, heavy bass, a rolling piano and those shoo-be-doo-aahs.' Remember the drive that "Do You Love Me" has? Well, "Move Mr. Man" also has that same drive and they don't let up on it either. Take it for a spin sometime and see. And while you're at it, check out these other great Contours sides: "Can You Jerk Like Me," "First, I Look at the Purse," "Shake Sherry," "Pa, I Need A Car," "You Better Get In Line." All of them are fairly easy to find and shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to get ahold of.


Jim Colegrove said...

The X-Cellents were from Dayton, Ohio. The guys I remember in the photo are L-R: "Fuzz," drums; Roger Sayre, guitar; Ray Bushbaum, organ; don't recall guy on the right. Roger Sayre played in Chuck Sim's band. Chuck who recorded "Little Pigeon" on Trend T-30-000X (1958), was also known as Charles Vanell who recorded "Classmates" on Oriole 1319 (1959). Roger wrote the flip side "Knowing The Part." The X-Cellents played in Dayton back in the mid-1960s.

Jim Colegrove said...

P.S. Ray Bushbaum previously played organ in another Dayton, Ohio group, Sonny Flaharty's band The Young Americans. Sonny was known for the controversial single "Hey Conductor."