Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dicky Treadway - "Party Crasher"/"Fess Up"

Who in the world is Dicky Treadway? A quick search of the net yields little more than listings for a couple of 60's garage compilation appearances. Today's record barely registers at all and appears to be uncompiled. So, what do we know?

I don't know much about the T.S.M. label, other than it carries a Hamilton, Texas address. Tommy Allsup, who was already a veteran guitarist when he played with Buddy Holly on his fateful final tour is listed as producer of the record. And the dead wax numbers indicate a 1966 pressing date, indeed around the same time of Treadway's compiled garage numbers.

"Party Crasher" features Treadway's mostly spoken vocal on each verse and some chunky guitar playing. Treadway then takes off into small bits of "Hang On Sloopy", "Hanky Panky" and a Texas country number. He lets out a scream and the music fades into oblivian. Hmm...

"Fess Up" has an almost country sound, with female backing vocals. It has a strong beat and just enough Tex Mex to remind me of Doug Sahm just a tad.

I wouldn't call this record essential by any means, tho "Party Crasher" in particular is certainly fun. But it is an interesting artifact left behind by a guy who's almost totally unknown.

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