Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Spot Barnett - "Twentieth Century" (Part 1)/(Part 2)

Yet another Texas record, this time out of San Antonio. Sax man Spot Barnett is documented well enough online. He's been around forever, playing behind numerous performers. He's on at least one early Doug Sahm 45. He made a few records of his own, including today's offering. Not much seems to be written about it though.

"Twentieth Century" is an up-tempo, rockin' sax instro. There are plenty of pounding drums. All other instrumentation is kept in the background, at least on part 1. The neat thing is that while part 2 is the same tune, it's chock full of cool, blues guitar playing and has horns way up in the mix. It's sort of like having two different flavors of the same thing.

I don't have a year of release for the record. It's a Texas Sound Studios pressing that sounds like it dates from the early 1960's. But any additional information is certainly welcome.


Anonymous said...

I have this 45 too, its super rare, i'm guessing not later than 1963, I can ask Spot and see if he can recall the year. If anyone is interested Spot has a cd (with help from me) that is for sale. it contains all 12 tracks he did solo and with Doug Sahm and Garland Davis. real cool San Antonio history. Thanks for posting this 45 online!!!

Anonymous said...

check out my spot 45s