Friday, September 08, 2006

Muddy Waters: "Muddy Waters Twist" (Chess)

Muddy Waters is a twister
Now, we all knew that Muddy Waters was/is one of the giants of the blues, but who would have thought he would've had a twist record in him? Well, here it is in all its 1962 glory. As it is, it's rather short (1:55), but Muddy done give it all he got with time he has. It opens with a quick guitar burst, then the band, led by Earl Hooker, kicks in and gets to work. Then, Muddy chimes in with "Do the twist baby, use that spot right's the place you come, got to let down your hair." He then tells you that you can twist in the morning and twist at night, do it 'til it makes you feel alright. You can tell the man's feelin' a bit frisky. He keeps it up and the band kicks it right along with him up until the fade-out. As a result, it's definitely one of the more unusual twist records out there if only by virtue of its name and performer. The B-side is the blues classic "You Shook Me" (though for some strange reason, my copy has "Muddy Waters Twist" printed on both sids), which is the Muddy Waters you're no doubt more used to. But, hell, let the man cut loose a little. He appears to be having a good time on the twist side, so let's have a good time with him, y'hear?

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Muddy Waters Twist sounds great.

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