Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey Look, Activity on the Blog!

Hello, is anybody still out there? Was anyone ever out there? Pardon me while I rub my eyes and get adjusted to the ol' blog seeing the light of day again. It's been over five months since my last post here. I'm known for taking breaks but I think that I just strung together about two dozen of 'em. Okay, no more breaks for at least a week.

Some things have happened since my last post here. First, we moved into a big, old house, built in 1895. Quite a bit of work involved but what a great place! I now have my own record room but, while my stereo and the computer used to be across the room from each other, they're now a whole house apart. Luckily, my wife gave me a portable turntable for Christmas, so I can enjoy spinning records just about anywhere, including in front of the computer. Who knows, maybe I'll even get the two hooked up eventually and start converting some records to digital. Seems unlikely but you never know.

On the vinyl front, I made the record show in St. Louis, way back in November. As always, it was a rousing success, with lots of great, cheap records coming home with me. I've also wrangled a few other discs from eBay, thrift stores, antique malls and record shops. I even had an internet buddy send a whole stack of 45's to me for free, just because I'm such a good guy. Or maybe he's the good guy. Yeah, that seems more plausible.

Now, the plan going forward is to make posts here, at least once in a blue moon. Don't know if anyone noticed or cares but I changed the look of the blog from the old, blue polka dots thing to what you're currently seeing. It was more a result of playing around with the new blogger options than anything else. Maybe I'll just leave the content the same and keep changing the layout, instead. We'll see.


Muddy said...

Welcome back.

vinylfool said...

Yeah, we are watching! I'm sure great 45's and your musings are ahead.

Reverend Frost said...

We're here we're here, you twin ;)

Anonymous said...

Bless you for continuing this effort while moving into a new home.. its gotta be a huge piece of work, but we love ya for it mi amigo !!!

B in NC

Stuart Shea said...

Welcome back! Missed your work. Record hunting is so cool.

Todd Lucas said...

Stuart, thanks for the kind words. I added your blog to our links section. That really should have happened a long time ago. I don't talk about it on It's Great Shakes but I'm a huge baseball fan.