Friday, March 02, 2007

The Play-mates - "She Drives Me Ape"

Here's a little fun for a Friday, "She Drives Me Ape" by The Play-mates. This disc was another November record show find and proof that, occasionally, persistence pays off. I was combing through a rather large batch of dollar records, when the lady standing next to me asked the dealer if there was any 60's garage buried in there somewhere. He said that he didn't think so. Pretty soon, she gave up and went to a different table. Meanwhile, I snagged this curious thing.

I had no idea if The Play-mates were a garage band but how could I pass up a song titled "She Drives Me Ape", regardless? I was also vaguely familiar with Century Records as a custom outfit that pressed up records in small quantities for everything from fledgling rock and roll bands to church choirs. There's a thread about Century Records, including a pretty good discography, on the Psychotic Reactions forum at Check it out right here

So, I got the record home and put it on the turntable. No disappointment, as "She Drives Me Ape" is a fairly primitive, frat styled, garage rocker. It opens with tom tom-like, pounding drums. A guitar joins the mix and then the vocals begin,

"My baby loves a caveman style
Yeah the way she loves me really drives me wild
Cause, to me she's the one that rates
My girl, whoa yeah, she drives me ape!"

Then, we get a second verse and a cool guitar break, with a scream at the end. Another verse, still more guitar and vocals wrap things up, including the lines,

"Me Tarzan and you Jane
Ah, coconuts and all that jazz
Like junglesville
Ah, drive me baby, drive
You know what's happenin', girl"

Welcome to caveman hipster rock! Seriously, I doubt that I could get more bang for my buck. And the flipside ain't bad either. "Breakwaters" is a revved up, surf styled instrumental, that's part "Pipeline", part "Miserlou" and tons of rhythm guitar.

I can't tell you much more about the record, other than speculation is that it was released in 1966. The label says it was recorded live at Westcotts Club, though there's no audible crowd noise. Anyway, additional info, if there's indeed any to be had, would be greatly appreciated.


Muddy said...

Is there a link to listen to this song? I'd love to hear it.

Todd Lucas said...

Muddy, I'm sorry to report there are no links to listen at this time.

Roger said...

It's great to see the site up and running again and a couple of really interesting tunes selected so far. Keep up the good work ;)

Todd Lucas said...

Roger, thanks. I also linked your blog. Keep up the good work!

Larry Grogan said...

Glad to see you back!