Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Kays and the Rhythm Rogues - "Baby"

Here's a really obscure disc for my first post back from hiatus, "Baby" by The Kays. I say obscure because there's nothing at all on the net about this 1958 release. When I ran across it at the St. Louis record show last November, I was intrigued by the Rhythm Rogues also being listed on the label. I had no idea who they were but it looked like a potential rocker, so I paid my dollar and brought it home. Well, it became one of my favorite finds of 2006. It's still on the hit parade, getting numerous spins.

"Baby" is a very simple song, which adds immeasurably to its charm. The Kays were a female vocal group, and the lyrics begin,

"Baby baby I love you so
Baby baby never let me go
Baby baby I love you so
Baby baby you're the one for me"

"Baby baby you're the one for me
Baby baby never set me free
Baby baby you're the one for me
Baby baby you're the one for me"

The gals sound like they're having having fun, singing in unison on the verses. Then, one of them takes charge on the refrain,

"Don't ever leave me darling all alone
Please please call me on the telephone
You know I love you and I always will
Cause (trading vocals) baby baby baby baby you know I love you still"

The song is an up-tempo rocker, with the Rhythm Rogues providing the instrumental accompaniment. It's rather sparse, consisting mainly of sax and organ. The clincher is that we're treated to a pair of guitar breaks.

I have no idea who anyone involved was but The Kays sound a little like The Donnas might have sounded, had they been around 50 years ago. It's just a good time for all.

The flipside is "Who's Gonna Take You Home" and has a bit more of a girl group sound, only the Kays share vocals with the Rhythm Rogues, this time. The drumming is more prominent and the sax gets the instrumental break. Not as good as "Baby" but still worth flipping the record over for.

Given the lack of information available, I'd like to know anything about The Kays or Rhythm Rogues. It's interesting that a cool, major label disc like this would be totally forgotten today. You'd think at least someone would have listed it on the internet but no such luck. Until today, that is.


Muddy said...

Is there a link to listen to the song that I'm missing somewhere? It would be great to be able to hear the side in addition to reading about it.

Terri Cooper said...

My mother was one of The Kays - here is a link to listen to the song and read a little about them. http://doo-wop.blogg.org/themes-_kays-541684.html