Friday, November 16, 2007

Chris Montez - Go Head On

Hello, today I thought that I'd whip up something fun and quick for a Friday. First, let me start by recommending that you check out Vincent the Soul Chef's outstanding Fufu Stew blog over the next several weeks. Vincent is busy putting together some special holiday mixes for Thanksgiving and Christmas, using favorite food related songs, contributed by various friends and bloggers. I'm pleased to say that It's Great Shakes has taken part, sending off some favorites to Vincent for use in his project. This morning, I received a special preview of what's to come and it looks terrific! Vincent says that the first mix should be posted on his blog later this weekend, so be sure to visit soon!

Today's record on It's Great Shakes is "Go Head On" by Chris Montez. I first heard this tune earlier this year on one of the forum compilations. A couple of months later, I found a beat up copy of the 45 while out thrifting. Lo and behold, I located a nice playing copy at the recent St. Louis record show.

Chris Montez is best known for his great 1962 smash hit, "Let's Dance", recorded for the Monogram label. Over the next couple of years, he made several more records for the imprint, with only moderate success. The excellent "Some Kinda Fun" was also a hit but nothing else did much nationally.

After his stint with Monogram, Montez moved on to A&M, where he released quite a few singles throughout the remainder of the 1960's. "Go Head On", an outstanding rocker, was buried on the b-side of his very first disc for the label, from late 1965.

Kicking off with a short combo on the snare drums, "Go Head On" reaches top gear, quickly. It's up-tempo and the percussion remains right up front throughout. There's some buzzing guitar work behind Montez' vocals and a cool harmonica break. I don't think you'd be wrong to tab it a garage rocker.

My latest copy of the disc cost just a buck. It's on the flipside of "Call Me", which charted and, thus, isn't too difficult to find. I highly recommend it, as it's one of my favorite discoveries of 2007.


Vincent the soul chef said...

Thanks for the post... I hate saying that I am afraid to admit that I own certain records, but now I can go back and dig out my copy of this same record that I bought a few months ago. I may have paid 50 cents for it, a buck tops. It is indeed a nice high powered tune. it may even find its way into a future recipe someday. Shake on, gentlemen...

Brian Marshall said...


Be on the lookout for "Rockin' Blues," which is also on the Monogram label. That one is a rocker as well.

Derek See said...

Great site! I have one with a similar theme. I'm gonna link yours. cheers!

Todd Lucas said...

Vincent, dig out that copy and play it LOUD. Love finding gems for 50 cents.

Brian, thanks for the heads-up. I never seem to see any of his Monogram releases outside of the two hits.

Derek, consider your blog linked too.

Randy Kosht said...

Sad to say, that wasn't included on the LP... but also, check out the production credit, that's Marshall Lieb, who was in the Teddy Bears with Phil Spector back in the '50s.