Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Favorite Finds of 2008, Part 2

Picking up where I left off....

Chet Atkins: Boo Boo Stick Beat (RCA Victor)
Wynonie Harris: That's Me Right Now (King)
Otis Williams and His Charms: Blues Stay Away From Me (DeLuxe)
Harmonica Fats: Tore Up/I Get So Tired (Darcey)
Don Hines: Baby Tell It Like It Is (Hi)
Prince Harold: Baby You've Got Me (Mercury)
Radiants: Hold On/I'm Glad I'm The Loser (Chess)
Shirley & Lee: Rock All Nite (Aladdin)
Sugar Billy: Super Duper Love Pts. 1 and 2 (Fast Track)
Ted Taylor: Everywhere I Go (Ebb)
Betty Everett: Hands Off (Vee Jay)
Betty Everett: Take Me (Uni)
Shirley Ellis: The Nitty Gritty (Congress)
Larry Willliams: Boss Lovin' (El Bam)
Cal Valentine and the Texas Rockers: The Boogie Twist Pts. 1 and 2 (Lyons)
Arthur Conley: Funky Street (Atco)
The Soul Children: Hold On I'm Coming (Stax)
Herbie Mann: Hold On I'm Comin' (Atlantic)
Lulu Reed: Say Hey Pretty Baby (Federal)
Boyd Bennett and His Rockets: Tennessee Rock & Roll (King)
Titus Turner: Taking Care of Business (Glover)
Larry Dale: Let The Doorbell Ring (Glover)
The Magicians: About My Love (Columbia)
Paul Hampton: Slam Bam Thank You Ma'am (Columbia)
Ronnie Self: Ain't I'm A Dog/Rocky Road Blues (Columbia)
Jimmy Richards: Butter Bean Suzy (A&M)
Carl Perkins: Glad All Over (A&M)
Buchanan and Goodman: Santa and the Satellite Pts. 1 and 2 (Luniverse)
Bobby Byrd: If You Don't Work, You Can't Eat (King)
The J.B.s: Hot Pants Road/Pass The Peas (People)
The J.B.s: J.B. Shout (People)
Maceo and the Macks: Paarty Pts. 1 and 2 (People)
Ray Sharpe: Monkey's Uncle (Jamie)
Ohio Players: Rattlesnake (Westbound)
The Stereos: Sweetpeas In Love (Gibraltah)
Albert Collins: Ain't Got Time (Imperial)
Albert Collins: Defrost (Hall-Way)
Brother Jack McDuff: Can't Get Satisfied (Atlantic)
Ronnie Haig: Rocking With Rhythm & Blues/Money Is A Thing of the Past (Note)
Eddie and Ernie: You Give Me Love To Go On (Revue)
Joe Turner: Honey Hush (Atlantic)
Gentleman June Gardner: Last Night (Emarcy)
Johnny Williams: Breaking Point (Twinight)
The Knight Bros.: That'll Get It (Checker)
The Isley Brothers: Standing on the Dance Floor (Atlantic)
Lenny Capello: Cotton Candy/Tootles (Ric)
O.V. Wright: Oh Baby Mine/Working Your Game (Back Beat)
Bowlegs and His Band: One More Time Pts. 1 and 2 (Vee Jay)
Robert Parker: Across The Tracks (Ron)
Freddie Fender: Mean Woman (Imperial)
Little Beaver: Funkadelic Sound (Cat)
C. Smalls & Co: Keep On Groovin'/The Buzzard (A&M)
Society's Bag: Let It Crawl (Warner Brothers)
Dino Desi & Billy: The Rebel Kind (Reprise)
The Five Royals: I Like It Like That (Smash)
Rufus Thomas: Love Trap (Stax)
Rufus and Friend: Yeah Yea-ah (Atco)
Henry Lumpkin: Soul Is Takin Over (Buddah)
Wynona Carr: I'm Mad At You (Specialty)
The Manksman and The Agents: There'll Be Some Changes (Dynamo)
Howlin' Wolf: I Smell A Rat (Chess)
Azie Mortimer: That's That (Get Off My Back)(Number One)
The Esquires: You Say (Bunky)
Jimmy McCracklin: Pretty Little Sweet Thing (Minit)
Dick Dale and the Deltones: Misirlou (Deltone)
The Checkmates: Hey Mrs. Jones Pts. 1 and 2 (Arvee)
Jimmy Rivers Combo: The Blue Eagle Pts. 1 and 2 (Ron)
Buddy Ace: Hold On (To This Old Fool)(Duke)
Gene Anderson: The Devil Made Me Do It (Westbound)
Denise Lasalle: Keep It Coming (Westbound)
Danny Overbea: I'm Tired of Being Tossed Around (Federal)
Lowell Fulsom: Guitar Shuffle (Hollywood)
Chuck Carbo: Be My Girl (Rex)

WHEW! Well, that about wraps it up for this year. Now, I'm looking forward to seeing what 2009 has in store! I hope it's plentiful.......for you and everyone else out there. Let's hope and pray for a triumphant 2009! Again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Rob said...

Hey Brian. Thanks for sharing your finds. I'm assuming you finally got my shipment. Apologies on the delay. How's that Prentice Moreland record? I'm not familiar with that one.

Happy Holidays!

Devil Dick said...

i have Harmonica Fats Tore Up ready to go over at the devils music!

a sweet list of tunes (as usual)

here's to a great 09!


Todd Lucas said...

Great stuff, I'm hoping to have my list finalized here in the next several days.

Anonymous said...

Hello, gents.

Suffice it to say I have lots of work to do... Two excellent lists here with lots for the wish list. I hope you both had a wonderful holiday and I wish you all the best for the new year.

Peace and blessings.

Anonymous said...