Saturday, January 03, 2009

Favorite Finds 2008

Here I am, posting for the first time in a few weeks. It's been a pretty busy holiday season and I've spent quite a bit of time whittling down my list of favorites for the year. Even at that, there are still over 100 items here. There probalbly could have been almost twice as many, thus the work involved in trimming the list to a more "modest" size. It was another great year for finding records. Here's hoping that 2009 even comes close.

Danny Zella & His Zell Rocks: Wicked Ruby/Black Saxs (Fox)
Woody Guenther & "Cheaters": Bang Dangin' Time (Shout)
Harmonica Fats: Tore Up/I Get So Tired (Darcey)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe: When The Saints Go Marching In (Mercury)
Buddy Johnson: Bring It Home To Me (Mercury)
The Free: Decision For Lost Soul Blue/What Makes You (Marquee)
Trini Lopez: Sinner Not A Saint (United Modern)
Willie Mitchell: That Driving Beat/Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (Hi)
The Rivingtons: You Move Me Baby (Vee-Jay)
Janis Martin: Let's Elope Baby/Barefoot Baby (RCA Victor EP)
Eddie Cochran: Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie (Liberty)
Clock Work Orange: Your Golden Touch/Do Me Right Now (Creole)
The Guilloteens: For My Own (HBR)
Ritchie Ray: The Twirl (Imperial)
Bo-Pete: Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun)/Groovie Little Suzie (Try)
The Yardbirds: A Certain Girl/I Wish You Would (Epic)
The Jolly Jax: Things Are Tough/Pony Shuffle (Airmaster)
Bobby Lee Trammell: Arkansas Twist (Alley)
The Five Du-Tones: The Chicken Astronaut/The Cool Bird (One-derful!)
George Jones: White Lightning (Mercury)
The Ideals: Mojo Hanna (Cortland)
Thurston Harris: Be Baba Leba/I'm Out To Getcha' (Aladdin)
The Shangra-Las: Simon Says (Smash)
The Johnny Otis Show: Castin' My Spell (Capitol)
Bert Convy: The Gorilla/The Monsters Hop (Contender)
Count Yates: Chimpanzee (Regis)
Milton Howard: Funky Shing-A-Ling/I'm From Missouri (Sound Stage 7)
Jackie Cray: Maybelle (Limelight)
King Coleman: Hang It Up (King)
King Coleman: Let's Shimmy (Symbol)
Kenny & the Kasuals: Journey To Tyme (United Artists)
Jackie Lee: The Shotgun and The Duck (Mirwood)
Rhoda Scott: I-Yi-Yi-Yi (Tru-Sound)
Norma Rudd: He's Mine (Sure-Shot)
Zu Zu Blues Band: Zu Zu Man (A&M)
Round Robin: Slauson Town (Domain)
Round Robin: The Roundest of Them All (Domain)
Roosevelt Grier: Deputy Dog (Youngstown)
Chet "Poison" Ivey: 'Tater Patch/The Slop (Atco)
B.B. King: You're Gonna Miss Me (Kent)
B.B. King: Long Gone Baby (Kent)
The Wild Ones: For Your Love (I Would Do Most Anything) (United Artists)
Little Richard: Dance What You Wanna (Vee-Jay)
Nervous Norvus: Stoneage Woo (Embee)
Earl Van Dyke: Soul Stomp (Soul)
Jimmy McCracklin: The Wobble (Mercury)
Jimmy McCracklin: Georgia Slop/Let's Do It (The Chicken Scratch) (Mercury)
Jimmy McCracklin: Get Back (Premium)
The Electric Duck: Most People Get Happy (Avco Embassy)
The Dave Clark Five: Five By Five (Epic)
Don & Dewey: Jelly Bean (Specialty)
Don & Dewey: Get Your Hat (Specialty)
The Righteous Brothers: Koko Joe (Moonglow)
Chris Kenner: Sick and Tired (Imperial)
Rory Storm & the Hurricanes: I Can Tell/Faron's Flamingos: Let's Stomp (Columbia)
Jim Doval & the Gauchos: Fire Ball/Good and Bad (Dot)
Aaron Neville: Space Man (Par Lo)
Vernon & Jewell: That's A Rockin Good Way (Kent)
Tarheel Slim & Little Ann: Lock Me In Your Heart (Fire)
Clarence & Calvin: Rooster Knees & Rice (Atco)
Nappy Brown: Skidy Woe (Savoy)
Travis Wammack: Louie Louie/Upset (Atlantic)
Betty Lavett: Shut Your Mouth (Atlantic)
Betty Everett: Hands Off (Vee-Jay)
Louis Jones: The Birds Is Coming (Decca)
Babbara Lynn: Club A-Go-Go (Tribe)
The Trashmen: Bad News/On The Move (Garrett)
Eddie Holland: Leaving Here (Motown)
Jessie Hill: Whip It On Me/I Need Your Love (Minit)
Jamo Thomas & His Party Brothers: I Spy (For The FBI) (Thomas)
Sly: Buttermilk (Autumn)
Smiley Lewis: Ain't Gonna Do It (Imperial)
The Comsats: Astronaut (Felsted)
Jerry O: (Funky) Four Corners (Boo-Ga-Loo)
Jerry O: Funky Charge/There Was A Time (White Whale)
Eddie & The Showmen: Squad Car (Liberty)
Billy LaMont: Sweet Thang (20th Century-Fox)
Jimmie Lester & His Roc-Kats: Granny Went Rockin' (Canon)
The Kitchen Cinq: Determination (LHI)
Barry Ebling & The Invaders: I Can Make It Without You/Sunny Day Rain (Norman)
The Bobbettes: Speedy/Come-A Come-A (Atlantic)
Shirley Ellis: Sugar, Let's Shing-A-Ling (Columbia)
The Dynamic 7: Squeeze Me (Sound Stage 7)
Floyd Smith: Soul Strut (Dakar)
Johnnie & Joe: Shortning Bread (Lana)
Alvin Cash: Alvin's Bag/Whip It On Me (Toddlin' Town)
Wild Bill Davis: Breaking Out (Rca Victor)
Sax Kari: Chocolate Fizz (J.O.B.)
Hugh Barrett & the Victors: There Was A Fungus Among Us/Got The Bull By The Horns (Madison)
Willard Burton: The Twistin' Twist (Peacock)
Bobby Marchan: Booty Green (Fire)
The Upsetters: Jaywalking (Fire)
The Changin' Times: How Is The Air Up There/Young & Innocent Girl (Philips)
Fred Green: Wham Slam Bam (Bobbin)
Larry Birdsong: Somebody Somewhere (Champion)
Johnny Carl: Let's Go (United Artists)
Herbie Mann: Philly Dog (Atlantic)
Bob Morrison: Hey! Puppet Man (Columbia)
Syl Johnson: Dresses Too Short (Twinight)
Louis Jordan: Ella Mae/Fire (Mercury)
Jeanie Allen: I'm Your Slave (Arliss)
Paul Peek: Short Shortnin' (NRC)
Jamie Lyons: Soul Struttin'/Flowers To Sunshine (Laurie)
The Olympics: Good Things (Parkway)
The Violinaires: I'm Going To Serve The Lord (Checker)
Sanford Clark: 9 lb. Hammer/Ooo Baby (Dot)
Howlin' Wolf: Three Hundred Pounds of Joy (Chess)
Lowell Fulson: Don't Drive Me Baby (Checker)
Dale Hawkins: My Babe (Checker)
B.J. Thomas & the Triumphs: Candy Baby (Scepter)
The Dartells: Clap Your Hands/Where Do We Stand? (HBR)
Chuck Berry: Club Nitty Gritty (Mercury)
Gene Chandler: Soul Hootenanny, Part 1 (Constellation)
Jimmy Gordon: Buzzzzzz (Challenge)
The Sweet Delights: baby Be Mine (Atco)
Nolan Strong: Mind Over Matter (Fortune)
Billy Gayles: Take Your Fine Frame Home (Federal)
Jimmy Soul: My Baby Loves To Bowl (S.P.Q.R.)
The Sisters: Ooh Poo Pa Doo (Del-Fi)
The Brotherhood: Are You A Turtle (Yes I Am) (Dial)

I hope to be back in a few days with another post.


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jeez what d'you guys want, a paper hat and a plastic sword? like, bothered - 0, 90 times. wots with the back slapping, get on with the music

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Hey, you don't like it, go back in your hole. You'll get the music soon enough.