Friday, January 30, 2009

Three quick ones

I now present to you three 45s I've managed to scrape up in the last month. They may not be the most killer tunes we've presented on this blog, but they're all equally worthy in their own way. I hope you agree:

Rosco Robinson - "That's Enough" (Wand)

Here is a record that's become a real fave in my household. This was originally released on Gerri before Wand picked it up for national distribution. It made # 62 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in August of 1966, which marked his only appearance on that chart. I believe that Red Kelly has written extensively about Robinson on his "A-Side" and "B-Side" blogs, so you might want to check there for further info. What this one is is a swingin' piece of uptempo soul characterized by Robinson's smooth vocals and the chicks in the background who moan "That's enough, oh baby, that's enough" and make the song even sexier.

Richie Barrett - "Some Other Guy" (Atlantic)

Here we have something that may remind you a bit of Ray Charles as it's got a vocal delivery reminiscient of the Genius. The song comes from the team of Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller and the record was released in 1962. There is a video on YouTube that has Barrett himself talking about his recording and Leiber and Stoller explaining the song's genesis. I don't have the link, so look it up yourself. In the meantime, enjoy this tasty R&B groove.

The Uniques - "It's All Over Now" (Paula)

This prolific outfit had a number of boss sides with "Fast Way of Living," "Run and Hide" and "You Ain't Tuff" among them. The lead singer, Joe Stampley, would have greater success in the 70s and 80s on the country charts. The song was, of course, originally performed by The Valentinos (whose Bobby Womack co-wrote it with his brother), then covered by a number of artists, including, most notable of all, The Rolling Stones. This cover has a lot in common with the Stones' version, but I think it has a garage groove all its own with plenty of cool guitar work. See for yourself.