Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Few Recent Finds

Hello, I thought that I ought to check in as I do every once in a great while. I'll be starting a new job tomorrow, so my posts here might slow down even more, if that's possible. Anyway, I thought that I'd list a few of my recent acquisitions. These came from a record store and an antique mall find.

The Big Guys: Propulsion/Zombie (Palette)
Bobbie Graham: Zoom, Widge and Wag (Fontana)
The Capitols: We Got A Good Thing That's In The Groove (Karen)
Joe Lee: Arkansas Gal (Alley)
Clifton Chenier: Calinda (Arhoolie)
The Tabs: Mash Dem Taters (Vee-Jay)
Ted Taylor: Miss You So (Ronn)
Big Maybelle: Ring Dang Dilly (Savoy)
Bobby Lee Trammell: You Mostest Girl (Radio)
Bobby McClure: I'll Be True To You (Checker)
Jimmy McCracklin: Steppin' Up In Class (Imperial)
Barbara Lynn: Oh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin') (Jamie)
Brenda & the Tabulations: That's In the Past (Dionn)
The Midnighters: Come On and Get It (Federal)
Freddie Watson & the Restorators: The Unlucky Seven (Eloys)
Brother Jack McDuff: Can't Get Satisfied (Atlantic)
James Brown: Think (Polydor)
Bobby Byrd: I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone) (King)
Otis Williams & His Charms: Burnin' Lips (DeLuxe)


The RedBoy said...

'Zombie' by the Big Guys is a really cool cut.

vinylfool said...

I would have bought the "Arhoolie" just for the label.

dips said...

great post

paulomi said...

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Todd Lucas said...

Thanks for all of the nice comments.

Tina said...

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