Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Big Guys - Propulsion/Zombie

I'm happy to fill another request today. This time, Brian Marshall said that he wanted to hear the Big Guys single that I posted in my recent finds post a couple of weeks back. So, here it is.

There's not a lot that I can tell you about these guys. A couple of sites list this record as a 1964 release, which is a couple of years later than I would have guessed. Both sides have that really cool early 60's instro sound.

"Propulsion" is just about what you'd imagine from a song with that title, a fast paced guitar and sax rocker. There's also some organ and drums-a-plenty tossed into the mix. On second thought, maybe 1964 does sound about right because this song reminds me a just bit of "Wipeout" from the year before.

"Zombie" is a bit slower but just as good. Lots of sax here, with a great guitar part in the middle. The organ gives it just a bit of a haunting, spooky feel, which was probably the idea, given the title.


Skin I'm In said...

Nice update! I am always looking for new dance/funk music.

I just started a 60s/70s blog with funk and soul. I wanted to let you know I am adding your feed on my blogroll. If you could add me in your links, I would really appreciate it

thanks for your time
Buns O'Plenty

Ryan Shepard said...

Thanks for posting it - are there well-hidden download links for the records on your blog, or are these just for preview?

Todd Lucas said...

Ryan, try clicking where it says "divShare" on the little player. It should bring up a new window. From there, you can DL the individual tunes.

Ryan Shepard said...

Thanks, Todd - missed that entirely! :)

Anonymous said...

many thanks for the musical treasures, please keep up the great work, it is much appreciated!

Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

thanks for this one! I really enjoyed the a-side. Nice fast instro. B-side reminded me of older spy music, if that makes sense