Thursday, May 07, 2009

St. Louis Record Show Finds

Okay, Brian gave you the lowdown on the recent Indy record show. Here's what I was digging up in St. Louis, the very same day. It was a pretty good record show, with most of my finds coming at three tables. I sprang for a few "more expensive" items but, per usual, a good deal of this was under two bucks each.

Candy Phillips: Timber (Atlantic)
Brenda & the Tabulations: Baby You're So Right For Me (Dionn)
Frank Frost: Jelly Roll King (Phillips International)
Al "TNT" Braggs: Home In That Rock (Peacock)
Dee Clark: Crossfire Time (Constellation)
The Mauds: Brother Chickee (Mercury)
Stop Inc.: Second Line (JB's)
Pat Shannon: Maybelle (Decca)
Chuck Johnson: Elephant Fair (Invicta)
P.W. Cannon: Hey Hey (Hickory)
Kenny Smith & the Loveliters: Night Beat (Fraternity)
The Five Jets: The Shake (Jewel)
Benny Spellman: Fortune Teller (Minit)
Eddie & Ernie: The Cat (Eastern)
The Pyramids: Pyramid's Stomp (Best)
Carl Perkins: Hambone (Columbia)
The Hawks: The Grissle (ABC-Paramount)
Joe Haywood: I Would If I Could (Enjoy)
The Rays: Elevator Operator (XYZ)
Danny Overbea: Stop (Apex)
Howard Tate: Stop (Verve)
Bobby Jones: The Boogie Train (Capri)
The Esquires: You Say (Bunky)
Johnny Daye: I Need Somebody (Stax)
Little Mack Simmons: Givin' Me A Hard Time (Duo Sound)
Calvin Lee: Valley of Tears (Minit)
The Astors: Candy (Stax)
Bobby Powell: That Little Girl of Mine (Whit)
The Impressions: Check Out Your Mind (Curtom)
The Cleftones: She's So Fine (Roulette)
Jimmy McCracklin: Arkansas (Imperial)
Jimmy McCracklin: It's Got To Be Love (Imperial)
Lee Rogers: You're The Cream of The Crop (D-Town)
McKinley Mitchell: No Love (Like My Love) (One-derful!)
Spyder Turner: You're Good Enough For Me (MGM)
Jimmy Reed: Dedication To Sonny (Boy Williamson) (Exodus)
The Ventures: Diamond Head (Dolton)
The People's Choice: I Likes To Do It (Phil-L.A. of Soul)
The People's Choice: The Wootie-Te-Woo (Phil-L.A. of Soul)
Lightnin' Hopkins: Move On Out, Part 2 (Jewel)
The Meters: Doodle-Oop (Josie)
Jackie Lee: The Chicken (Uni)
Jimmy & Stan: Tahiti (Murco)
The Swingers: The Groove, Part 1 (Ranwood)
The Gay Jays: Chicken Back (Josie)
The Raging Storms: High Octane (Flame)
The Noblemen: Dirty Robber (USA)
Landlords and Tenants: Back Up Part 2 (Buddah)
The Ray Men: Baby, What'cha Want Me (Diamond)
Eddie Purrell: The Spoiler (Volt)
The 5 Spots: Mr. Fortune/Black Rock (Soma)
Gene Allison: Now That We're Together (Cherokee)
Bob Luman: Red Hot (Imperial)
The "5" Royales: Tell The Truth (King)


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