Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guitar Jr. - The Hoss (Mercury)

Greetings and salutations and all the rest of that. Well, I see it's been too long since we've posted anything on this blog. Funny how time slips away, I guess. Anyway, it's time for a little new blood and I've got a pretty cool one to share with you today. This comes from a cat that goes by the name of Guitar Jr. and it concerns another dance craze that didn't quite take off, but what the hell, it left a tasty little jam anyway.

From what I've been able to dig up, Guitar Jr.'s real name is Lonnie Brooks. At least that's what I gather since I've mostly come across a discography bearing records by both Lonnie and his Guitar Jr. monicker as he appears to have released records under both names. This one comes from 1960 and it comes after a spell of singles he recorded for the Goldband label in the late 50s. ("The Crawl," from this period, is on my want list. If anyone knows where I can find one, let me know. I'd prefer the original as opposed to the later e.p. reissue, but I'll take what I can get.)
Whatever the case may be regarding Mr. Brooks' name, the most important thing is that this is a pretty swingin' little item with some highly tasty guitar work. And if you don't know the actual steps of The Hoss, well, maybe a listen or two of this will find you trying to invent dance steps of your own. Just be careful of the furniture.
Will be back again soon with another bit of rockin' noise. I promise you won't have to wait two months for it.


Anonymous said...

thank you
this is the only GuitarJr. i was missing

Todd Lucas said...

I think Guitar, Jr's real name is Lee Baker, Jr.

Anonymous said...

THanks for your great site! Yeah, Lee Baker, Jr aka Guitar Jr aka Lonnie Brooks!!

Bebe said...

Hey Brian - I'd love to hear this record! My father was Hoss Allen, legendary DJ at WLAC Radio in Nashville, TN during the 50s and 60s. Someone just asked me today if there was a dance called "The Hoss". This person is doing a video about the history of The Twist and he thinks that Hank Ballard saw some kids doing "The Hoss" and changed the name to "The Twist" when he wrote that song. Anyway you can send me an mp3 of this record? And Guitar, Jr was Lonnie Brooks.
thanks -