Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Louis Record Show - March 2010

Long time between posts on this end. Thanks to Brian for posting earlier in the week. I hope to get around to putting up some actual music soon. Here's what I got at the St. Louis record show this month. Good show, well attended. I got some things for as little as a quarter.

Hal Singer: Catnip (DeLuxe)
The Dells: Hallways of My Mind (Cadet)
Tommy Wills & His Twisting Tomcats: Aw Shucks/Hard (Terry)
The Olympics: Secret Agents (Mirwood)
Big Jay McNeely: Psycho Serenade (Swingin')
Bobby Freeman: The Duck (Autumn)
The Teddy Boys: Jezebel (MGM)
Joe Simon: Moon Walk (Sound Stage 7)
Wilson Pickett: Soul Dance Number Three/You Can't Stand Alone (Atlantic)
The Jim Conley Combo: Nite-Lite Slop (Dempsey)
Leo Five: The Thang (L.G.)
The Flares: Shimmy And Stomp (Press)
Nathaniel Mayer & the Fabulous Twilights: Leave Me Alone (Fortune)
Scat Man Crothers: Golly Zonk! (HBR)
The Hueys: You Ain't No Hippie (Instant)
Lloyd Price: Such A Mess (KRC)
Bobby Lee Trammell: My SusieJ.-My Susie Jane (Radio)
Jesse Lee Turner: Baby Please Don't Tease (Carlton)
Ted Royal: I Really Go For You (G-D)
Round Robin & the Parlays: Do The Slauson (Domain)
Marty Robbins: Long Tall Sally (Columbia)
Johnny Fuller: Swingin' At The Creek (Specialty)
Jimmy McCracklin: Shame, Shame, Shame (Art-tone)
Bing Day: I Can't Help It (Mercury)
Paul Kelly: Call Another Doctor (Dial)
Collay & the Satellites: Little Girl Next Door (Sho-Biz)
Wynonie Harris: Sweet Lucy Brown/Bloodshot Eyes (Roulette)
Fabulous Fakes: No Excess Baggage (Columbia)
The Hot Tamales: Out of Sight (Diamond)
The Hideaways: Hide Out (Mirwood)
Fern Kinney: Sweet Devil (Atlantic)
The Drifters: Didn't It (Atlantic)
Chuck Bernard: My Baby (Satellite)
Dale Anderson: Working All Day (Raynard)
The Ravens: Here Is My Heart (Argo)
Booker T. & the MG's: Plum-Nellie (Stax)
Jimmy Soul: Church Street In The Summertime (S.P.Q.R.)
The Creators: Yeah, He's Got It (Philips)
Joey & the Twisters: Do You Want To Dance (Duel)
Floyd Morris: Bee Que (BBS)
Don Covay: You've Got Me On The Critical List (Atlantic)
Freddie Bell & His Bellboys: Rompin and Stompin (Wing)
Prince La La: She Put The Hurt On Me (A.F.O.)
Mr. Wiggles: Fat Back (Parkway)
Willie Mitchell: Buddy Bear (Hi)
Lou (Moondog) Lawton: St. Louis Blues (Heart & Soul)
Round Robin Monopoly: Love's Out To Getcha (Truth)
The Ovations: Qualifications (Goldwax)
Juggy: Oily (Sue)
Billy Prophet: What Can I Do? (Sue)
Fontella Bass & Bobby McClure: Don't Mess Up A Good Thing (Checker)
Joe Tex: C.C. Rider (Dial)
Fender "Guitar" Slim: Tender Rock (Enrica)
Sir Charles Matthews & the Vennel Soul Choir: That Soul Thing (Newmis)
Dyke & the Blazers: City Dump (Original Sound)
Ruth Brown: Just Too Much (Atlantic)
Dick Holler & the Holidays: Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) (Comet)
Otis Redding: Look At The Girl (Atco)

That's about it. I'm looking forward to being in St. Louis the first Sunday in May for the next go around.


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vincent the soul chef said...

:) good to hear from you... busy busy busy. Work and school, but I am still trying to find some good 45's. Also good to see you're still digging. Lots of good ones in that list. :)

Peace and blessings.

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