Friday, May 07, 2010

Latest Record Show Take

Ain't it great that this blog has been reduced to a bunch of lists? I checked back and found that I haven't posted an honest to goodness record in six months! That's terrible and something that I hope to rectify in the near future.

Here's what I got at least weekend's record show in St. Louis. It was a pretty decent show.

Wilson Pickett: I'm Gonna Love You (Double-L)
Eddie Bo: The Hook and Sling (Scram)
The People's Choice: Let Me Do My Thing (Phil-L.A. of Soul)
Gayle Haness: Love Love and Affection (Bang)
Ike & Tina Turner: Dust My Broom/Anything You Wasn't Born With (Tangerine)
Ike & Tina Turner: Two Is A Couple (Sue)
Ricky Allen: You'd Better Be Sure (Age)
Hank Ballard & the Midnighters: The Rising Tide (King)
Rufus Dore: Rib Tips (King)
Big Al Sears: Here's The Beat/Great Googa Mooga (Groove)
Junior Wells: Cha Cha Cha In Blue (Profile)
Lowell Fulsom: The Letter (Kent)
Paul Perryman: Just To Hold My Hand (Duke)
Willie Mabon: I Gotta Go Now (Mad)
Bob & Earl: Uh Uh No No (Uni)
The Goodtimers: Twistin' Train (Epic)
Syl Johnson: Straight Love No Chaser (Zachron)
Larry & the Hippies: Enough For Everybody/Gimme Some of Yours (Toddlin' Town)
New Colony Six: Cadillac (Sentar)
Roscoe Shelton: You Ought To Take Time Out For Your Love (Sound Stage 7)
Chuz Alfred: Buckeye Bounce (Savoy)
The Capitals: Three O'Clock Rock (Triumph)
D.D. (Foots) Ford: D.D.'s Bounce (Glow-Hill)
Johnny Williams: Breaking Point (Twinight)
The Fuller Brothers: Moanin', Groanin' and Cryin' (Keymen)
The Wallace Brothers: Woman, Hang Your Head In Shame (Jewel)
The Van Dykes: I've Got To Find A Love (Mala)
Elmore Morris: Before I Turned My Back On You (Crackerjack)
The Soul Support: Come Back Ness (Retrop)
The Jimmy Velvet Five: Good Good Lovin' (United Artists)
Larry Muhoberac: Look Out (Cover)
John Chester & His Chessmen: Bye Bye Johnny (Interphon)
Oscar McLollie: The Honey Jump (Class)
Tennyson Stephens: Rain, Rain, Rain (Back Beat)
The Rollers: Got My Eye On You/Bonneville (Liberty)
The One-Derful Band: Honey In The Bee-Bo (One-Derful!)
Jimmy Hughes: I'm A Man of Action (Fame)
The Clovers: The Kickapoo (Brunswick)
Eddie Carr & the Navajos: Evil, Evil Evel Knievel (A&M)
Lloyd Price: Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Turntable)
Jackie Wilson & Lavern Baker: Think Twice (Brunswick)
Marie Knight: I Thoought I Told You Not To Tell Them (Baton)
Clifton Chenier: Ay-Tete Fee/Boppin' The Rock (Specialty)
Sugar Pie Desanto: It Won't Be Long (Checker)
The Diplomats: Your Love Is A Shelter (Dynamo)
B.B King: Whole Lot of Lovin' (Kent)
The Jewels: Smokey Joe (Dimension)
Sam Hawkins: Sugar Man (Epic)
Little Esther: It's So Good (Savoy)
The Ideals: The Gorilla (Cortland) hammered but playable
J.C. Davis: Monkey (Chess) ditto
The Camelots: The Chase (Comet)
Jerry-O: Funky Football (Wand)
Four Gents: Soul Sister (HBR)
Ted Taylor: Daddy's Baby (OKeh)
The Apostles: Six Pack (Kapp)
Alvin Cash: Saddle Up (Chess)
The Pyramids: I'm The Playboy (Cub)
The Rare Breed: Come And Take A Ride In My Boat (Attack)
Wilbert Harrison: Off To School Again (Doc)
Bobby Rush: Niki Hokey (Jewel)
Lonnie Russ: My Wife Can't Cook (4J)
Timmy Thomas: Have Some Boogaloo (Goldwax)
Nappy Brown: Open Up That Door/Pleasin' You (Savoy)

Next show, July 11th.


S.J. said...

Hi Todd,
I keep stumbling over your site when looking for a certain record. Is there any chance you would consider selling a record to me you're listing here in your finds list? Also, if not, would you be willing to share some information with me about said record? Please let me know via email: 3rdshow(_at_)gmail(_dot_)com

Thanks a lot and happy holidays,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Todd, Just wanted to say i am the keyboard player from The Camelots, and tell you that the A side of The Chase, which is on the list above. was actually The Chase Part II, the instrumental side. I play organ on it, and was 15 yrs. old when we recorded it. Also of some interest - the guitar player and band leader is Mike Appel Bruce Springsteen's early mgr and producer Born To Run and Bruce's first couple of albums.

Anonymous said...

Th2 vocal side was after the fact. Part Ii was the one played on radio.