Saturday, July 31, 2010

July Record Show Finds

The latest record show in St. Louis was already three weeks ago. Sorry for the tardiness in making this post. Since then, I've been to California and back, where I also found a few records, including a long time want. Anyway, here's what the take looks like from St. Louis, always a great show for cheap 45's.

Erma Franklin: I'm Just Not Ready For Love (Shout)
Ernie K-Doe: Gotta Pack My Bag (Duke)
The Bouncin' Beats: The Bounce (Epic)
The Four Sounds: Mama Ubangi Bangi (Ran-Dee)
Rodge Martin: They Say (Dot)
The Valentinos: You've Got The Kind of Love That's For Real (Jubilee)
Natural Bridge Bunch: Pig Snoots (Norman)
Lonnie Youngblood: Soul Food (That's a What I Like) (Fairmount)
The Triumphs: Burnt Biscuits/Raw Dough (Volt)
B.B. King: Shoutin' The Blues (Kent)
Wynona Carr: Jump Jack, Jump (Specialty)
Wynona Carr: Till The Well Runs Dry (Specialty)
Maurice McAllister: Baby Hang On (Chess)
The Faithful Wonders: I Found Out For Myself (St. Lawrence)
The Olympics: Workin' Hard (Arvee)
Bobby Marchan: Shake Your Tambourine (Cameo)
Moss & the Rocks: There She Goes (Chattahoochee)
Eddie Smith with the Hornets: Upturn (Rel)
The Right Kind: I've Been Changed (Galaxy)
The Combinaires: Topaz (Rescue)
Wilbert Harrison: The Horse (Fury)
Guitar Gable &the Musical Kings: Congo Mombo (Excello)
Bobby Parker: Watch Your Step (V-Tone)
Jackie Verdell: Are You Ready For This (Decca)
The Males: Kiddie A Go Go (Fibra)
Little Jimmy Griffin: If Things Don't Change (R)
Johhny Otis: The New Bo Diddley (Eldo)
Bobby Charles: No Use Knocking (Chess)
The Springers: I Know My Baby Loves Me So (Way Out)
Eddie Cochran: Cut Across Shorty (Liberty)
Joe Brown: The Mustang (Nation)
The Mod VI: Long Tall Sally/It's Not The Same (Poe)
The Viceroys: Goin' Back To Granny's/Get Set (Seafair Bolo)
Otis Clay: Got To Find A Way (One-derful!)
The Lovers: Got A Whole Lot of Lovin' To Do (Lamp)
Bill Justis & the Jury: Blowing Rock (NRC)
Kings V: Purple Wail (FTP)
Pancho Villa & the Bandits: Ain't That Bad (Symbol)
Taj Mahal: A Lot of Love (Columbia)
Billy Hope & the Badmen: Bad Times (Savoy)
Sugar & the Spices: Do the Dog (Stacy)
The Crew: Hot Wire (Brass)
Peppermint Harris: Little Girl (Jewel)
Larry Birdsong: You'll Never Never Know (Excello)
The Rumblers: Boss/I Don't Need You No More (Dot)
Commonwealth Jones: Do Do Do/Who's Been Here (Columbia)
The Del-Knights: Everybody Popeye (Bronko)
Jimmy Castor: Magic Saxophone (Smash)
Al Perkins: Really (USA)
Johnny Aldo & the Relatives: Aldo Rock (Aldon)
Jaycee Hill: Bump! (Epic)
Jeanne & the Darlings: Soul Girl (Volt)
Billy Larkin & the Delegates: Hold On! I'm A Comin' (World Pacific)
Art Neville: Zing Zing (Specialty)
The Meters: Chicken Strut (Josie)
Andy Dio: Sattelite (Johnson)
Sugar Pie De Santo: I Don't Wanna Fuss (Checker)
The Supremes: Run, Run, Run (Motown)
Glenn Watts: Money Gives Dignity (Bunky)
The Bondsmen: Shotgun/Patricia Anne (USA)
The Underdogs: Friday At the Hideout (Reprise)
Liverpool Five: She's Mine (RCA Victor)
The Kin-Tels: The Dodge (D)


WESTEX said...

Commonwealth Jones!!!! So jealous...

Todd Lucas said...

Yeah, didn't you find the other Commonwealth Jones a year or two ago? The one on Banner? Anyway, I was really happy to find this one and for just a couple of bucks.

WESTEX said...

I've been fortunate enough to come up on the Jones a couple or three times. Two copies came from the local flea market, but different stalls. Awesome record.

Dan said...

I think I'm going to pack up and move to St. Louis........

Brian Marshall said...

I'm with you, Dan.

S.J. said...

Hi Todd. Is there a way to contact you via email? I'd really like to ask you a question about one of your record show finds.. kind regards, Sergio